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How To Sell Your Services With Confidence

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The Most Effective Way To Sell Your Expertise & Professional Services Without all the Follow Up, Being Pushy or a Hard Closer

As an expert in your industry, you most likely feel it easier to give other businesses advice than to use the same advice on yourself.

Marketers are often great at generating funnels for their clients but struggle to have their own funnel…

Consultants and Coaches are growing other people’s businesses but not getting the same growth for themselves…

Landscapers, Builders, and painters are making other homes look and their home is the only one in the street that isn’t finished.

Sound Familiar???

Many find it easier to show others what to do but their business isn’t growing as fast as they would like.

Now it’s time to put yourself and your business first and learn how to CONVERT more leads in paying clients..

1. Faster without all the sleazy follow up calls.
2. At price point worthy of your skills and results you deliver to create greater profit.
3. At a higher CONVERSION rate so you don’t need to spend stupid amounts of Time and Money on Cranking up lead generation.

Because of this…
I’m dedicating a 60min LIVE online training workshop specifically for business owners looking for Fast and predictable Sales Growth.

Our CONVERT Club Members are using the “Sell Your Expertise Framework™” day in, day out to consistently have record sales months…and I want to give it to you and walk you through it step-by-step.

This is for you if:

  • You have an expertise as your business like a Consultant, Advisor are in Professional Services or are a Coach.
  • You have or will have Leads in your pipeline you want to Convert better NOW!
  • You have great processes for what you deliver but not for your sales process.
  • Want to scale your sales beyond you being successful doing sales in your business.

If you do quotes, proposals or need to ‘explain’ how your services work to your customer to get the sale across the line, come join me.

You will learn:

  • How to Package and Present your expertise in a way that has your customers wanting you Immediately! (We call this your “Compelling Solution Framework™”)
  • How to make sure customers Never challenge or question you on what you charge 
  • How to create the most effective sales sequence that converts for your Service and your Industry.
  • How to Eliminate Price as an objection to customers buying from you.
  • The 3 Sales Drivers that create faster conversions at any Price.
  • The 9 Sales Accelerators that give you complete control over the sales process and which ones you should focus now.
  • How to pick exactly where your customer is in their decision-making process and eliminate the quote or proposal mindset.


Petar, Director of The Sales Institute and Co-founder of CONVERT Club.

Petar has been asked to tailor the Reverse Selling Method™ for companies like MAZDA, Channel 9, Sanity Music, HMV, Virgin, Westpac, Macquarie Uni, Cancer Council just to name a few.

Known to many as the Billion Dollar Sales System Man, he has coached thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe and is an international speaker.

Petar has mastered the art and cracked the code in teaching people how to sell in over 140 different industries.


'Selling Your Expertise'

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When: March 14, 2023 | 10:00 AM AEDT

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