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If you labour over doing Proposals or Quotes to get high ticket contracts…and HATE to follow them up, then keep reading…

There are 3 reasons why proposals don’t work:

  • The framework is not correct.
  • Your ‘follow up’ sales process lacks strategy
  • You don’t even need a proposal and perhaps use that as a way to shy away from the actual face to face closing process

If any of these three resonate with you then I urge you to roll up sleeves and be apart of this LIVE training.

Sadly I’ve seen so many sales lost because of a really poor proposal framework or closing strategy.

What’s sad about that is, you are completely eligible to work with that client but its the sales process that’s letting you down.

Come join me as in this LIVE training I’m going to share with you EXACTLY why YOUR proposal doesn’t work and EXACTLY what structure you need based on your industry.

PLUS how to actually CLOSE the deal seamlessly, landing the high paying clients you want and that you know you deserve.

You will learn

The Most Effective Way To Sell Your Professional Services

In Less Time, Without Proposals and Follow Up

I’ll walk you through Step by Step:

  • The 4 Proposal Strategies and which one you should be using based on your industry
  • How to Deliver your Solution in a way where they want you NOW! (No Follow up Needed!)
  • Unique Pitching Framework that make you stand out over your competitors and STOP them from Shopping around (Yes, Quicker Decision Making)


And it helps you close more deals faster without all he proposals follow upIt’ll go for about 75min and I’ll be giving you my ‘Perfect Proposal Framework™

I'll Also Be Sharing:

  • The Perfect Proposal Framework™… what should definitely be in your proposals, and how to deliver it in a way that you stand out from your competitors

  • What to say when they say “can you send me a proposal”

  • When and how to use testimonials / case study to double conversion rate

  • The most effective way to use to use proposals to eliminate objection

You’ve got to come to this training!


Petar, Director of The Sales Institute and Co-founder of CONVERT Club.

Petar has been asked to tailor the Reverse Selling Method™ for companies like MAZDA, Channel 9, Sanity Music, HMV, Virgin, Westpac, Macquarie Uni, Cancer Council just to name a few.

Known to many as the Billion Dollar Sales System Man, he has coached thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe and is an international speaker.

Petar has mastered the art and cracked the code in teaching people how to sell in over 140 different industries.


WHERE: Zoom [Details sent on registration]

WHEN: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

TIME: 12:30PM - 2:00PM (AEDT)

WHERE: Zoom [Details sent on registration]
WHEN: Wednesday, November 9, 2022
TIME: 12:30PM - 2:00PM (AEDT)

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