Mini Course

Double Your Sale with the Power of the 9 Sales Accelerators

Double Your Sale with the Power of the 9 Sales Accelerators

2X Your Sales with the Reverse Selling Method™ Mini course

Learn the High Converting Sales System that Australian Coaches, Consultants, and Specialised Experts are using to DOUBLE their sales in HALF the time, while charging their true WORTH…

9 Strategies That Will Double Your Revenue

Dear Specialist,

Are you a highly skilled professional in your field, delivering outstanding results for your clients? 

Or, are you seeking to distinguish yourself from competitors? If so, you might be pondering:

1. “How can I sell effortlessly at my true value?”

2. “How can I convert existing leads without heavily relying on marketing funnels?”

For high-ticket services, traditional sales funnels often fall short. Your clients seek high perceived value, certainty, and a reason to choose you over others. They’re not just not buying; they’re not buying from you.

That’s where the Reverse Selling Method™ comes in.

Introducing the Reverse Selling Method™ Mini Course

An Easy Way To Learn And Build Your Own Pressure Free Sales System

What's In The Mini Course?

What you will learn:

1. Sales Sequence: Mastering the art of effective sales progression.

2. Lowering Buyers Resistance: Techniques to ease customer hesitations.

3. Decision Maker Ready: Preparing clients to make confident choices.

4. Unique Edge Framework™: Establishing your distinct advantage.

5. Emotion v Logic: Balancing persuasive elements in sales.

6. The Perfect Prospect Sequence™: Identifying and engaging ideal clients.

7. The Compelling Solution Strategy™: Crafting irresistible offers.

8. Certainty Strategies™: Building trust and assurance in your clients.

9. Elimination Strategies™: Overcoming obstacles in the sales process.

Unlock Your Sales Potential

Who Is This For?

– Tired of unsuccessful quoting, proposals or complementary sessions that don’t convert?

– Selling long-term commitments, programs, or memberships?

– Offering high-end services but struggling to build perceived value?

– Key Person Dependent businesses looking to empower sales teams?

– Spending too much on marketing funnels with low conversion rates?

– Hesitant about negotiating prices or not charging what you’re worth?

– Wanting to streamline your sales process for quicker client decisions?


Petar, Director of The Sales Institute and Co-founder of CONVERT Club.

Petar has been asked to tailor the Reverse Selling Method™ for companies like MAZDA, Channel 9, Sanity Music, HMV, Virgin, Westpac, Macquarie Uni, Cancer Council just to name a few.

He has coached thousands of Entrepreneurs around the globe and is an international speaker.

The Result:

A business model that’s simple to implement, geared for rapid growth, and tailored to the lifestyle you desire. The Reverse Selling Method™ Mini Course is an accessible, distilled version of our comprehensive 5 week program, which has successfully driven $2 billion in face-to-face sales. Easy to implement and designed for swift growth, it supports the lifestyle you seek and puts you on the express route to success